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Jason Christopher and Ken Thaiday collaboration

Wow, it’s an understatement to say it has been a little while since out last blog post. The truth is 2013 has been the busiest year we’ve had since opening in 2010. Conducting back to back exhibitions (over 15 this year so far) doesn’t leave time for much else. On the plus side we’ve had the pleasure of showcasing some amazing work from a range of extremely talented artists. Make sure you keep an eye out on our exhibition page or even our facebook page to keep up to date with what’s coming up next.

We’re not the only busy ones this year. Exhibiting artist Jason Christopher recently collaborated with Ken Thaiday for his retrospective exhibition to create a striking piece entitle Clamshell with Hammerhead Shark. Together they have produced the first automated dance artefact which is now permanently housed at Cairns Regional Gallery.

The Australian says this about Thaiday’s retrospective,

“The end-point of this elaboration is reached in a new work specially commissioned for the retrospective, a collaborative piece made in concert by Thaiday and Sydney artist Jason Christopher: a shark and clamshell assemblage, aluminium, automated, a sculpture that takes on life and movement at a button’s touch.

Brought together in this way, Thaiday’s work comes into focus as a lifelong process of exploration: of craftsmanship and creative endeavour placed in the service of twin belief systems, joining them and creating a synthesis just as it fuses image and symbol.”

Below is an image of Clamshell with Hammerhead Shark. A video will follow shortly that demonstrates it’s automated features.

Clamshell with hammerhead  shark.

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