• Trina Collins aka Poncho Army

    Trina Collins aka Poncho Army

    Combining illustration, stencil art and screen printing, Poncho Army is an artist who isn’t afraid to get some paint under her nails. Known for her detailed line and hatch style […]

  • Salleigh Olsen

    Salleigh Olsen

    Salleigh Olsen’s works are an edgy contemporary journey of colour, mood, expressionism and abstraction. Each collection of works takes you on a journey that creatively portrays society, whether it be […]

  • Phil Aston Williams

    Phil Aston Williams

    Phil Aston Williams’ practice focuses on developing innovative methods of image construction. Pragmatic transformations of painterly techniques lent through ideas born of other media and technology. Fracturing conventional and stagnant […]

  • Hendrik Gericke

    Hendrik Gericke

    Hendrik is a South African fine artist currently residing in Australia, dividing his time between Cape Town and Sydney. Since beginning his professional practice in his native South Africa during […]

  • Sal Higgens

    Sal Higgens

    Sal Higgens harks from the wilds of Wandsworth in South London. She was born and raised south of the river and has been a painter in South London for over […]

  • Jason Christopher

    Jason Christopher

    Jason Christopher is a local Sydney artist whose works have spanned over 20 years, achieving wide recognition throughout the art community. Most recently Jason was announced as a finalist for […]

  • April White

    April White

    From a very early age April White has expressed thoughts and ideas through images. Throughout her childhood she filled sketchbooks with illustrations, which naturally led onto formal studies in Fine […]

  • Hank Spirek

    Hank Spirek

    Hank Spirek, has over 45 years of working history as a professional artist. He was born in the Chicago Illinois, USA, graduating from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelors of […]

  • Alan Somerville

    Alan Somerville

    On occasions when describing the skill of a noted figurative artist, the term Master is regularly misguided and recklessly applied. In our desire to forge the echelon of Australian art, […]

  • Simon Lovelace

    Simon Lovelace

    Simon Lovelace is a colourful and prolific English born artist who’s output includes painting, photography, screen printing, sculptures and music production. Influenced by pop art culture and surreal narrative, his […]

  • Clay Smith

    Clay Smith

    Clay along with his younger brother was raised by two artists as parents, whose art lineage goes back at least four generations in Melbourne. His great-grandfather Billy Churches was a […]

  • Jan Howlin

    Jan Howlin

    After training in interior and graphic design, Jan Howlin moved into a career as a writer in advertising and corporate communication, and later in the editorial field, writing magazine articles […]

  • Anton Pulvirenti

    Anton Pulvirenti

    Anton Pulvirenti was born in Brisbane in 1973. An illustrator from an early age, Anton refined his skill with David  Paulson for seven years during the 90’s. After that he […]